Activities for Your Kids During Summer Break

The days are getting longer, and we are officially in summer. That means the day that parents dread more than any other can't be far away: the day school closes for the summer break. Even with all of the wonderful features and open outdoor areas provided by our Liv community, parents understand that if they don't provide enough summer activities for kids, the summer months will result in bored youngsters coming up with innovative ways to get themselves into trouble.


Summer camps are a great way to keep your children occupied during the summer months, but are far from perfect. Summer camps may be expensive, bring a lot of transportation difficulties with getting them to and from camp, and aren't suitable for every child. If summer camp is not a possibility for your family, don’t worry — there are still plenty of fun summer activities for your kids.


Now is the time to get started planning summer activities for your children that will keep their minds and bodies active and engaged in the world around them. Here are some suggestions for fun things to do with your kids over the summer.


Show Them an Up-Close View of the World that Surrounds Them  

Give your kids a magnifying glass or pocket microscope and urge them to study the world around them up close. There's so much to learn when you take an attentive, magnified view of the ordinary world around us, from tree bark patterns to earthworm anatomy.


The veins on a tree leaf are interesting to follow, and the wings of a butterfly appear drastically different when examined under magnification. These up-close examinations will not only amaze your kids, but they may also help them develop greater respect for the world in which they live.


If the weather doesn't cooperate, there's a lot more to see inside your apartment home. Encourage your children to observe their own or someone else's skin if they want to learn more about pores and wrinkles. Examination of the drapes may reveal hidden marvels in the stitching, even a glass of juice viewed through a magnifying glass has secrets to reveal!


Create a Water Blob   

You can make a water blob for your children to enjoy by utilizing a few simple materials and an iron or hair straightener. Industrial-strength plastic sheeting (the sort used by painters to cover furniture), duct tape, baking paper, and a heat source are all required.


Before you begin, make sure there's a flat surface to place the water blob on that won't be damaged if the blob springs a leak. Also, make sure any escaped water does not end up on sidewalks, private patios, and public areas.


Fold the plastic sheets into a square. Seal all of the seams except for a tiny hole with the baking paper and heat source. Fill the sealed square using the hose, being cautious not to overfill it. Seal off the little aperture with duct tape and you're done. Small children will delight in crawling and rolling around on the water-filled pillow.


Sponge Bomb Fights!   

A sponge bomb fight is much easier to start and maintain than a water balloon fight, but it's still just as enjoyable and refreshing. All you need are a few buckets filled with water and plenty of soft sponges. Kids will love throwing soaked sponges at each other, and there won't be any popped balloon shards lying around for you to clean up later. It's also more eco-friendly than playing with balloons because the sponges won't end up in landfills like popped balloons.


Encourage Artistic Pursuits  

Sidewalk chalk may be one of the greatest kid-friendly inventions ever devised. It's non-toxic and simple to clean up, and a clean slate comes with each rain or a quick watering. However, keep in mind that not everyone will share your child's adoration for their work, so avoid doing it in public spaces. Your children can still create a fantastic impression on the patio or balcony floor by painting it.


Go On a Scavenger Hunt   

This is an excellent activity for children of all ages, but you'll need to change the degree according to your child's development. They're more enjoyable when done in groups, so invite everyone in the neighborhood to join in. The act of planning the event and hiding the items to find is also a wonderful approach to getting to know your neighbors better.


Once the items have been hidden and the clues written, let the children loose to explore the environment and improve their problem-solving abilities.


Organize an Ice Cream Sundae Party  

This is best as an outdoor activity because it can get pretty messy, especially for younger children. Simply collect a few half gallons of ice cream, some toppings (including the colorful sprinkles), some paper bowls, and plastic spoons.


Place the toppings in bowls on a low table or bench that all of the children can access readily. Allow an adult to take charge of handing each child a bowl with ice cream and letting them customize their own toppings. If you want whipped cream, it's best if an adult handles that as well.


Afterward, you can also make a sponge bomb fight to clean up the sticky hands and faces and assist the kids to burn off their sugar-fueled energy after the sundaes have been eaten.


Have a Duel   

Get a pool noodle or two and have a noodle sword fight with your children. The noodles are too flimsy to cause any damage, regardless of how hard they swing at each other. This is another great summer activity that works best done outside away from vases, picture frames, and other breakable objects.


There are several summer activities for children to participate in at Liv. For more information about the child-friendly areas available in our Liv communities, creative ways to keep them occupied, or how to become a resident, please contact us.

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