Enjoying Your Liv Community's Outdoor Areas to the Max

Spring has arrived, and it's time to start planning all of the exciting outdoor activities you've been waiting for. As a resident of Liv, you have access to many of the same amenities and services that other residents enjoy in nearby areas.


Whether you prefer to spend time at the community's bark park, public picnic and barbeque areas, or your own personal balcony or patio, this article has some fantastic ideas for small outdoor area activities that will make a big difference in your life, your family, and the community.


Host a Canine Birthday Party   

Be sure to celebrate your loyal canine friend on their birthday! Invite your neighbors with dogs to join the fun. Set up games such as Frisbee catch or yoga ball soccer for the four-legged guests, as well as enjoyable activities like Frisbee golf, horseshoes, and croquet for the two-legged guests.


When arranging the guest list for this party, be sure that the dogs invited are suitable. Bullies or aggressive canines may ruin the enjoyment for everyone, including humans. It may also be prudent to attempt to keep the size of the dogs invited comparable. Even a delicate Great Dane might be frightening to a teacup Poodle.


Don't forget the snacks. Make sure you have a sufficient supply of fresh water for the dogs and give each one a doggie bag filled with treats that are appropriate for their size. It's a good idea to put these bags in the hands of your human friends so pups can enjoy them later at home rather than creating fights over snacks.


Humans are better at sharing than dogs, so feel free to offer food and drinks to the guests. If the barbeque area is close by, you can even cook burgers and hot dogs.


Get Everyone Together With a Thematic Potluck Picnic   

Picnics have been a popular activity for generations. Arrange a date and invite your neighbors to bring their favorite picnic foods. Choose a theme, such as a beach day, the American flag, or a specific nationality to celebrate, and urge your guests to bring food that fits the bill.


You may want to provide some sort of entertainment since not everyone is good at small talk or mingling. A Bluetooth-enabled karaoke machine might be just what the doctor ordered to get people interacting with one another. For those who don't enjoy being the center of attention, a table set aside for board games or cards may be just what they need to get over their social anxiety.


When throwing a potluck, it's always a good idea to make a signup sheet or an email chain so that you can ensure there are enough foods and beverages. You don't want the five-layer dip to be the only hors d'oeuvre on the table, no matter how wonderful it is.


A Game Night on the Deck   

Set up a card table on your deck or patio, invite a few friends over, and spend the evening playing cards or board games under the stars for a more personal gathering. This is an excellent low-key method to meet new residents or get to know your neighborhood in little chunks.


Provide players with food and drink as well as other forms of entertainment for those in line waiting to play. To get the most out of it, try to keep the competitive spirit of the games at a low boil until everyone knows one another better.


If the gathering goes well, see if you can persuade one of the attendees to hold a similar event the following month. It might be the start of a wonderful tradition, and it will certainly allow you to get to know your neighbors better.


Fun Activities for the Kids  

Children have a lot of fun in little outdoor play areas. While all children living in Liv communities have free access to a play area and outdoor spaces to run and play in, they may still benefit from organized active games or educational natural plays.


If you want to get kids outside to enjoy the great outdoors, give them magnifying glasses and urge them to inspect the natural world around them more carefully. Looking through a magnifying glass will offer them a new perspective and pique their innate curiosity, whether they discover the inner workings of a blade of grass or examine the wings of a butterfly resting nearby.


On a hot summer's day, there's nothing children like better than some water. Fill buckets with water and give out water guns to the kids. Without the need for a running hose or the waste it produces, they may refill them in quickly and keep the fun going.


Another wonderful alternative is water balloons. However, they're probably only appropriate for older children. Have them fill their balloons ahead of time so they don't have to keep running inside during the water balloon battle. Also, make sure they know that the final stage of enjoyment is gathering all of the pieces of popped balloons and throwing them away.


Enjoy Living in an Active Community  

These are only a few of the numerous ways for you to engage your Liv community's outdoor areas and entertain your friends and family while also constructing a genuine community where people actually know one another.


Contact us at Liv to learn more about the exciting activities you may do in your neighborhood, or how to join one of our communities.

Adorable dog in a birthday hat.